Photography Instructors

Upcoming Dates hosted by Dave
Saturday the 23rd of October 2021
Studio Portarits Photography Workshop - Library - 10.30am - 2 hours
Learn how to set up your lights. Key, fill and hair
Understtand ratios
Lighting for men, lighting for women
Lens choice
Instructor: Dave
$55pp     7 places left
Sunday the 24th of October 2021
Panoramas Photography Meetup - Red Rock - 10am - 2 hours
Learn how to easily create beautiful panoramic shots. No special equipment needed.
We'll discuss lens choice
Camera Settings
Learn what is a "nodal point"
How to stitch your images together & more
Instructor: Dave
$35pp     9 places left
Saturday the 6th of November 2021
Mastering the Speedlight Photography Meetup - The Art District - 10 am - 2 hours
Your speedlight can be a very powerful tool but many people just put in on ETTL or TTL and hope for the best. Learn how to control the ETTL output based on the situation, manual mode and in many cases using your light in a multiple light situation. We'll discuss light modifiers and gels and I'll show you how to make an excellent diffuser from craft foam.
Instructor: Dave
$35pp     7 places left
Jennette Mann
Jenny was born and raised in Las Vegas, NV. Her mother, an artist, provided the ultimate creative environment growing up. Jenny learned a lot about color, framing, light, shadow, tone, and more! This knowledge became instrumental in her photography. She graduated from UNLV with a BA in Art/Photography. She worked for UNLV's photography department for some time and continues to freelance for the University today. Jenny has a love for beautiful landscapes, busy public environments, the bonds shared with people during portraits and experimenting with light and shadows!
Upcoming Dates hosted by Jennette Mann
Saturday the 30th of October 2021
Beginners Photography Class - Container Park - 9.00am - 3 hours
Come learn about your DSLR and get some great photos in Down Town Las Vegas! We will learn how to shoot in raw, understand the exposure triangle, rule of thirds, paying attention to the background, shoot for the light and raise your ISO if need be, experiment and learn from mistakes. Container Park has so many opportunities for intersting and fun photos. Lots of spots to play with light and shadows. It will be a lot of fun!
Instructor: Jennette Mann
$69pp     only 5 places left
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